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Administrative Computing and Instructional Technology (ACIT) is one of three technology-related departments at Belmont.  We offer this web site for several reesons:

To identify and describe the software that we support
As its name suggests, our department is divided into two units.  Administrative Computing is best known for its support of Banner and Instructional Technology is best known for its support of Blackboard, but each of these units does much more than that.

To provide updates regarding campus-wide projects
We are currently working on a Banner ID conversion project.  Learn more about how BUid will affect you.

To provide answers to frequently asked questions
Like many offices, we have a few questions that seem to surface regularly.  "What is Banner?  How do I get access to and training on Banner?  What is Blackboard?  How do I obtain a Blackboard course area?  Can I request a Blackboard consultation?  I'm a student in a Blackboard class and I need help with..."  The answers to all of these questions -- in addition to information about FERPA -- can be found on our site.

To explain how you can obtain assistance with urgent questions
Our  Action Line is widely recognized as an efficient way to get your emergency request resolved.  We've gone to a lot of trouble to put information on this site and we hope you'll check here first to see if we've already posted the answer to your question.  If we haven't and your situation is urgent, then use the Action Line.  We are happy to help you.

To introduce the ACIT staff
The Meet the Staff link helps you connect names and faces while learning some little-known facts about our folks.  Believe it or not, we 'do' more than computer 'stuff'.  Get to know us.  We may have common interests outside of Belmont.

To explain how technology is managed and supported at Belmont
We realize that each university has its own unique way of supporting technology and that you need to know the 'Belmont way.'  The Belmont Tech Departments link tells you who does what in Belmont's tech world.

To keep you abreast of what's happening (and, perhaps more importantly, what's going to happen) with technology at Belmont
The IT departments at Belmont share a blog that is designed to communicate information on any upcoming changes, any anticipated down time, future upgrades and/or server maintenance.  You can read about Administrative Computing or Instructional Technology on the blog.

The links on the left are a good way to begin browsing our site.  As you review it you may have feedback for us.  If that happens, then please send us a note.  We'll be glad to hear from you.