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General Accounting

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Pathway to General Accounting

Many members of the accounting profession provide exceptional service and leadership to their organizations and clients without completion of the CPA exam. If this is how you see your career unfolding, the first step in determining the best path for you is to let us conduct a free, no obligation review of academic transcripts for any previous college work you have completed. As a general overview, this is what we recommend:

60 transfer credit hours or less:

If you have a limited number of college credits already earned (generally less than 60 credits), your best path to a career in Accounting will be completion of a BBA in Accounting. This choice would leave open the possibility of going back for your Master of Accountancy degree at a later time.

90 transfer credit hours or more:

If you have a high number of earned credit hours, we recommend that you:

Students with more than 90 credits of college credit often find that they can complete the LIS degree followed by the MACC option in about the same amount of time as completion of their undergraduate degree in Accounting. You should also keep in mind that the Summer Accounting Institute offers an excellent option for completion of the Accounting pre-requisites for the MACC.

60-90 transfer credit hours: 

If you have a moderate amount of credit hours already earned, between 60 and 90 hours, you'll end up choosing between one of the paths listed above. Contact us to complete a transcript evaluation of your previous college work so we can help you make the best choice.

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