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Elements of Belmont’s Service Initiative

  “It’s All Belmont to Me”

Development and Adoption of a specific program—“It’s all Belmont to me” with an overall philosophy of service done “the Belmont way,” Five Guiding Principles and various components

Linked this program to Belmont ’s performance management system through the core competency of service and to on-going development through functional area staff meetings.   Initiated the expectation that each area would spend a minimum of five minutes each week in staff meeting dealing with service issues and training.

Identification of 10 Service Leaders to shepherd service through the functional areas

Extensive Communication plan including:

·         Senior Leader training and adoption

·         Announcement by Dr. Fisher

·         Kick-Off Event

·         Campus wide e-mails

·         Development of brochure, pocket cards and Front Desk stands

·         On-going communication through training, the website, and staff meetings

Training—development of specific Belmont materials and training delivered to

·         Service Leaders

·         Managers

·         All employees

·         Module for new hires worked into their Belmont orientation

Feedback Mechanisms

      General Level

Electronic access

Belmont Home Page


Individual Office web pages

Hard Copy

Feedback cards and box at

Belmont Central and Beaman Student Life Center

      Office/Process Specific level

Electronic and hard copy surveys about particular services and processes issued through the office conducting the research

Development of a Service Website utilized extensively internally to Belmont which provides all the information about the initiative and philosophy.   This website is also used to provide on-going information about service for use by managers in their efforts and provides opportunity to highlight outstanding examples of service.