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5 Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

It’s all Belmont to Me”
is designed by Belmont for Belmont as a service initiative that flows from our spirit of mission, future vision, and service. It is an integral piece of our fabric and culture. We own it and we want to be intentional about living it.

The five Guiding Principles of the service initiative are:

  1. Show We Care—We try to fully understand each situation and meet the needs of those we serve.   Not every answer can be yes, but every situation can be handled positively.
  2. Take Responsibility and Follow Through—We realize that together we are all Belmont to the people we serve which means we will go beyond the boundaries of our positions to seek answers and assistance for them.

  3.   Do It Right—We will provide accurate and honest information and services to the people we serve.   In order to do this, we will work diligently on the front end to fully understand the needs they may not be able to clearly articulate so that we can give them what they need rather than just what they request.

  4. Make It Seamless—We will own questions problems and situations at the first point of contact and see that the people we serve receive the assistance and information they need as quickly and easily as possible.

  5. Walk the Talk—We take our commitments to those we serve and our colleagues  seriously and work toward improvement every day.   We provide fast and flexible communication, feedback and training so that we all have the information we need to assist those we serve.