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About the Department of Art

The faculty of the Department of Art at Belmont University believe that the combination of a strong liberal arts background with intense study of the studio arts, art education or design best prepares its BFA majors for their personal lives and professional careers. Our graduating majors choose to enter a wide variety of arts-related fields or graduate school.

The Department of Art currently offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree with majors in Studio Art, Art Education or Design Communications.  We also offer a BA in Fine Arts in Art History. Minors in Art require 18 hours with options in Studio, Painting, Photography, Design Communications, and Art History. The basic requirements for the major and minor in art are presented with their respective course descriptions at the following link:  Undergraduate Catalog - Art Department 

Belmont has the only B.F.A. program in Nashville with all these options. Specific courses are offered in 2-D and 3-D design, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Photography, Design Communications, Digital Imaging, Sculpture, Printmaking, Art History, and the Professional Education requirements for licensure. Internships and Study  Abroad programs are also available for credit.Art and Design Studio production courses meet for 6 hours per week for 3-credit hours.
Closeup of painting materials

Study Abroad opportunities for the summer, a semester or a full year are currently possible 
in France, Great Britain, or Italy. The French Program is centered at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts, Angers; while the British program is  conducted in London.
 The Italian program is offered at the Florence University of the Arts. A full range of studio, design and academic courses---including the appropriate foreign 
language---are offered in each program. You'll find a complete list of Belmont Study Abroad options here. 


The Department of Art seeks to provide students with an intensive education in the visual arts in an effort to cultivate their professional, aesthetic, intellectual, and personal development.


To guide students in the development of their artistic skills, creative abilities, and analytical and critical faculties by providing them with a knowledge and sense of art history and a sound foundation in a variety of studio experiences.


To develop students’ technical knowledge and skills in art, as well as creative, conceptual, and critical abilities.
  • To prepare students for graduate study and entry-level positions in a variety of art and design fields.
  • To help students gain a fundamental appreciation of the role of art in society.

The Belmont University Department of Art is a fully accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The Department of Art recognizes the importance of a comprehensive education in Art by offering programs relevant to range of traditional artistic disciplines and encouraging creativity, practice, and scholarship. Programs of study in Art History, Art Education, Design Communications, and Studio Art integrate experiences in perennial foundational skills with emerging concepts and technologies for students desiring to pursue the visual arts as a profession or as a focus for graduate studies.