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Art Department Internship Overview

Belmont’s Department of Art includes internships as an integral part of the student’s education. Internship credit is available to all students but is only a requirement under the Design Communications program. Students in the Design program are required to complete a minimum of one 3-hour internship, as part of their program of study but the opportunity is open to all art students.

Design Communications Internship Packet- Fall 2016

Studio Art or Art History Internship Packet- Fall 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in taking an internship, where do I start?

Meet with your faculty advisor either before or during the academic advising session for the semester before your plan to intern. The faculty member will help you find where in your program of study an internship fits, and whether the specific internship you are proposing is relevant to your area of study. You will need an approval form and your advisor will help you fill it out then approve it. Forms can be obtained from the Art Office.

When should I do my internship?

The Design Communications program requires students complete 3 levels of Design before applying. This assures a level of technical competence where the student can contribute in a work setting. Other majors can apply for internship at any level but must consult with their advisor to make sure that they are ready for the experience.

How many hours do I work and what college credit will I receive?

It depends on whether you are enrolled in the internship class during the semester or over the summer. If you are working over a standard semester you will need to work a minimum of 10 hours a week beginning no later than the second week of class meetings and ending no sooner than the week before finals. If you are working over the summer the internship is built around the 6-week summer schedule and a student should be prepared to work a minimum of 30 hours a week. These hours translate to a 3 credit hour course.

Who coordinates the internship?

Belmont’s Department of Art has an internship coordinator who is attached to your course the same way your other instructors are for other classes. The name of the coordinator or instructor will be listed in ClassFinder each semester. However, the student is the liaison to the remote site or work place. It is the student’s responsibility to establish meetings and interviews, provide paper work, and correspond with the provider in the same manner as any traditional employee.

Will I get paid?

All providers work differently and have different models. Providers are not required to pay you if you are receiving credit however many students do receive pay in addition to their credit. Payment has ranged from special bonuses to traditional salaries. The student and the employer negotiate upon and agree at the outset what the hours of employment and the compensation should be. A contract is returned to the Department’s internship coordinator.

How do I find an internship?

There are a number of ways to find an internship:

  1. Check with your professors, academic advisor, and the internship coordinator, they are usually aware of current opportunities and requests for interns. They will also have a list of businesses where past students have interned. 
  2. Check the jobs bulletin board in the department. Requests are posted here and usually have details and specifics.
  3. Check the Department social media sites like Facebook many opportunities are sent directly to these sources.
  4. Begin a search as you would for any job. Research businesses where you would like to work and contact them.

Where are some of the places Belmont interns have worked?

Department of Art students have interned at businesses around Nashville, nationally, and internationally.  The list of companies is very extensive and includes all levels of the industry - to name just a few; BMI, Latocki Team, Anderson Design Group, Buntin Advertising, Cheekwood Museum, Tyler Creative, Frist Center for Visual Art, Sony, Warner, Universal, Big Machine, Vogue London, Day 6 Creative, Cabedge Design, Bull Roger London, MoMA, Sony Interactive, Universal Studios, Gina R. Binkey Illustration, Studio Plush, Whitney Museum of American Art, Art Institute of Chicago, The Resource Agency, Second Harvest, Baptist Publishing, Methodist Publishing, St. Thomas Hospital, Golden Spiral, Rabbit Hole, CentreSource,  and Lifeway.

Student Checklist

I have:

  • Completed all course work for ART 3410 - Linear Design (Design Communications III). - Design Communications majors only.
  • Met with my Faculty Advisor and received the permission to pursue an internship form from the Art Office (both you and your advisor must sign this form).
  • Registered for Art 4850: Internship in Art.
  • Researched and contacted a provider.
  • Read through the entire internship packet and understand the contents. I have cleared all questions with my Faculty Advisor.
  • Signed an Internship Agreement Form between a provider and myself.
  • Returned the Internship Agreement Form to my Faculty Advisor before I begin working for the provider.  (This form includes; starting date, ending date, hours to be worked, and a brief job description of expected tasks.)

At the end of my internship I have:

  • Completed my internship responsibilities.
  • Received a written evaluation from the provider and presented it to my Faculty Advisor prior to the final day of classes for the semester.
  • Interviewed with my faculty advisor prior to the final day of classes for the semester.  (You must present all above paperwork at the interview)