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Third-Year Writing

Third-Year Writing is an innovative course distinctive to Belmont. We launched the course in 2004-2005, when  the entire Belmont Faculty requested an upper-level general education writing class to help third-year students who were embarking on more extensive research papers and theses in their majors. The faculty felt that students needed a refresher course on the skills learned in First-Year Writing, but more importantly, that the students needed to learn more advanced and sophisticated skills required to write research papers in their fields. Since writing is a skill vital to all the disciplines and to any career students might pursue after graduation, we have required ALL students to take Third-Year Writing. The result of this requirement has been delightful because it has brought upper-level students with varying majors back together in a writing classroom. As in First-Year Writing, ENG 3010 is organized by a theme selected by the professor that has the potential to engage every discipline. Some of our themes include:  The New Yorker in Nashville; Living in the 60s: American Culture and the Concept of Decade; Writing and Psychology; Mind/Sight: A Look at Perception; and Reading the Romance. 

The difference from First-Year Writing, of course, is that students bring a developing interest and expertise in their major to bear on their writing projects. Hence, in Third-Year Writing students have the opportunity to research and develop an idea that relates both to the theme of the course and to their chosen field of Since investigation and information literacy is so important to developing new knowledge in any field, the research paper is highlighted in this course.

ENG 3010 Learning Goals
  • To apply expertise from one’s major to each assigned writing task
  • To develop information literacy by locating information in the library, the internet, and the community.
  • To read complex texts and to effectively integrate selected passages into one’s writing.
  • To perfect strategies for assessing the quality and appropriateness of information.
  • To refine one’s ability to move efficiently and effectively through the writing process.
  • To utilize the documentation system appropriate to one’s field.
  • To present one’s writing orally to an audience of fellow scholars
ENG 3010 Policies and Registration Procedures

All students are required to take ENG 3010. There are no exemptions. Students should register for ENG 3010 in the SPRING semester of their Junior year. Some students may opt to take the course during a study abroad trip during Maymester or during the summer semester.