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Biology Courses


The Department of Biology offers a wide range of courses in the life sciences to prepare students for a variety of careers or advanced studies.  Our seven faculty members each specialize in a different area of the biological sciences to provide a rich and dynamic learning community.  Collaborating with other departments, we also offer several interdisciplinary science majors:  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, and Environmental Science.

For information on the interdisciplinary programs, click on their links at the left.

Some key features of our curriculum include:

  • Interactive and engaging Biology courses and labs
  • Faculty-taught labs capped at 24 students
  • Lab prep experiences available
  • Research, internships, and service-learning opportunities offered

The interactions of people, ideas, facilities, equipment -- the Department of Biology is a place for intellectual stimulation, for study of important societal issues, and for the fulfillment of a better understanding of one's place in the universe.

Pipetting solutions, counting bacterial colonies, training zebrafish, identifying insects, sampling salamander populations, growing plants, measuring blood pressures, running DNA gels, graphing, documenting, attending conferences, preparing presentations, collaborating, creating, pursuing learning -- doing Biology!