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Biology Minor

biology students

The Biology minor (18 hours) provides students with a broad overview of biological principles (8 hours) and allows students to choose courses to match their interests (14 hours).

Students who would find the Biology minor to be of interest include:

  • Art major - to learn about form and function of the human body and other living organisms
  • Business major - to enter pharmaceutical or medical sales
  • Education major - to obtain endorsements in biology
  • English major - to write in the fields of biology, natural history, or medicine
  • Pre-law student - to specialize in medical or biological areas of practice
  • Pre-med student majoring in a non-biological discipline - to prepare for the MCAT and medical school
  • Psychology major - to understand more about the biology of human behavior and mentality
  • Any major - to enrich their education in the areas of wildlife, human physiology, genetics, molecular biology, physiology, neurobiology, or ecology.