Center for Business Ethics


The ethics program in the Jack C. Massey College of Business at Belmont University was named one of the Top 10 university business ethics programs in the U.S. by BusinessWeek magazine in 2008.

The Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics seeks to: bring people together in the discussion of business ethics, help empower business leaders to face the current crisis in business ethics, and educate ethical business leaders for a better society.

A Culture of Business Ethics

Today, more than ever, issues of ethics and character play a pivotal role in the culture of business and, regardless of your ambitions and your endeavors, understanding and consideration of the foundations of business ethics is critical to the well being of your organization. The Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics in the Jack C. Massey College of Business at Belmont University focuses on creating ethical business leaders for a better society.

The Jack C. Massey College of Business at Belmont University ranked #8 for ethics in the 2008 BusinessWeek Top 100 ranking of undergraduate business programs. This Top 10 ranking supports the mission of the College of Business and recognizes the impact of the Center for Business Ethics on Belmont University and the Nashville business community.

Convocation Events Sponsored by the Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics

Convocation events serve as an educational tool toward that end. Speakers and business leaders are brought to campus to address topics of business ethics. Often open to the public, events sponsored by the Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics are regularly attended by students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs within the Jack C. Massey College of Business at Belmont University.

The Harry N. Hollis Student of Integrity Award

This is an annual award in the honor of Dr. Harry N. Hollis, Co-founder and Director for 15 years of th Edward C. Kennedy Center of Business Ethics at Belmont. It was made possible through an endowment underwritten by executives of the Tri-Star Health Systems and an anonymous donor. A $1000 award will be presented to a student at the Jack C. Massey College of Business Awards Event (April 9, 2015) whose essay was selected by the judges. Click here for additional information and eligibility requirements. 

Business Ethics: Education and Organizational Best Practices Certificate Program

This 10 week online business ethics certificate provides the framework and best practices to effectively teach business ethics, integrate business ethics into courses and engage in business ethics training and support of an organizational ethical culture. The course assists in effectively determining course content (or appropriate areas for integration into existing curricula), resources, teaching methods and compliance with accreditation standards as well as providing insights to practitioners who wish to enhance their organizational ethics initiative.
Designed for business ethics educators, program managers, and organizational ethics managers, the course provides the participant with a systematic and complete structure to understand and teach organizational ethics. The instructors and participants discuss key frameworks and concepts for teaching business ethics from an applied perspective that reflects the management of organizational ethics. In addition, leading business ethics experts provide their perspectives via podcasts which are integrated throughout the course.
The next course starts September 14, 2015. The deadline for registration is September 7, 2015. Click here for information on Program Highlights, Benefits of Learning Online and Registration Fees and Materials.