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Dr. Mark T. Schenkel

Dr. Mark T. SchenkelDr. Mark T. Schenkel

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Email: Dr. Mark Schenkel



  • Ph.D.  - University of Cincinnati, Business Administration, Strategy & Entrepreneurship
  • M.B.A. -  Northern Kentucky University, Management
  • B.A.  -  University of Cincinnati, Psychology



  • Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Belmont University
  • Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Belmont University
  • Assistant Director, University of Cincinnati Center for Entrepreneurship Education and Research 
  • Operations Manager, The Habegger Corporation
  • General Manager, David E. Estes Engineering, Inc.
  • Assistant Controller, The Hennegan Company.



  • Harding, L. & Schenkel, M. T. (2017). Brand Advertising in an Access–Ownership World:  How Marketing Channels Impact Message Persuasiveness. Journal of Marketing Channels, 24(1-2): 1-20.

  • Schenkel, M. T., Yoo, S. S., & Kim, J. (2016). Not All Created Equal: Examining the Impact of Birth Order and Role Identity among Descendant CEO Sons on Family Firm Performance. Family Business Review, 29(4): 380-400.

  • Schenkel, M. T., D'Souza, R. R., Cornwall, J. R., & Matthews, C. H. (2015). Early Influences and Entrepreneurial Intent: Examining the Roles of Education, Experience, and Advice Networks. Journal of Small Business Strategy, 25(2): 1-20.

  • Lambert, R. P., Alexander, J. F., & Schenkel, M. (2015).  Belle Meade Plantation: Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability at the First Non-profit Winery in the U.S.   Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Brazeal, D. V., Schenkel, M. T., & Kumar, S. (2014).  Beyond the Organizational Bounds in CE Research: Exploring Personal and Relational Factors in a Flat Organizational Structure.   Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, 19 (2), 78-106. 
  • Klyver, K., Schenkel, M. T., Nielsen, M. S., & Schott, T. (2014).  How Instrumental and Emotional Support From Family Differs Between Vocational Decisions to Become Self-Employed or Employed.   Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship, 25 (2), 53-74. 
  • Yoo, S. S., Schenkel, M. T., & Kim, J. (2014).  Examining the Impact of Inherited Succession Identity on Family Firm Performance.   Journal of Small Business Management, 52 (2), 246-265.   



Dr. Mark Schenkel earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati, an M.B.A. from Northern Kentucky University, and a Ph.D. in Strategy and Entrepreneurship from the University of Cincinnati. While pursuing his doctoral studies at the University of Cincinnati, he served as the Assistant Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Education and Research. In that capacity, he fostered and mentored the entrepreneurial efforts of local businesses in their continued development as a coordinator for the Small Business Institute® program.

General management roles in small closely held family firms, including The Habegger Corporation, David E. Estes Engineering, Inc., The Hennegan Company, and Wright Brothers Inc., furthered his entrepreneurial experience. In those positions, he was charged with developing and implementing strategies for achieving business growth and profitability objectives. He has continued to foster entrepreneurship through direct consulting and advising efforts, as well as through service on the Boards of local ventures in the Nashville area.

Dr. Schenkel’s research and teaching interests focus on the role entrepreneurial cognition (e.g., opportunity recognition and assessment) and strategic decision-making play in new venture creation, and corporate venturing activities. His scholarly work has been published (or is forthcoming) in professional journals including the Academy of Management Review, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, British Journal of Management, Journal of Small Business Management, New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, Journal of Small Business Strategy, Southern Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management Research News, and Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research.

He enjoys providing guidance to students interested in starting entrepreneurial ventures in class and out. Dr. Schenkel serves as a co-founding faculty advisor to the on-campus student volunteers for the Belmont Chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

Providing service to his profession, Schenkel has served as the Assistant Vice President (Publications) since 2009 and was recently elected to serve as Senior Vice President (Operations and Planning) for USASBE (2011-2012) In addition, he was selected to receive an Outstanding Reviewer citation from USASBE in 2008. Dr. Schenkel also received an Outstanding Case award from USASBE (2007) and the Best Teaching Case award from the International Small Business Journal in 2008, 2009, and 2010.  Schenkel currently serves on the editorial review boards of the Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship and the Journal of Ethics and Entrepreneurship.