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Undergraduate Program

The development of an international perspective is a key component in the mission of Belmont University’s Jack C. Massey College of Business.  All undergraduate B.B.A. degree-seeking students are required to complete an International Business course, and global concepts are discussed in other business classes.  An international business major was added to the Bachelor of Business Administration program in the spring of 2004.

B.B.A. in International Business

The international business concentration in the undergraduate School of Business Administration prepares students to work in the international environment.
 This concentration includes both international business and language coursework.  In response to the business community, the major also includes depth within a business discipline (Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, Management, or Marketing).

This major requires one semester or one full summer term abroad enrolled in an approved college or university academic program.  We currently have partnerships with several universities in other countries or we will help you find a school in your country of interest.

Learn more about the International Business concentration and view the curriculum here.

Minor in International Business

Students pursuing a different B.B.A. concentration or students outside of the business school also have the option of incorporating an International Business minor.  In addition to 18 hours of international courses, this minor does require two semesters at the 2000 level or higher in the same foreign language successfully completed (may be counted as a general education requirement or toward a Major or Minor in a foreign language), as well as an approved Study Abroad experience (Semester, Summer term, or Belmont University sponsored course that has an authorized overseas component).

You can find the requirements for the International Business minor from the catalog here.