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Why Go Global?

The workplace is becoming increasingly international in scope. A successful manager in an international environment needs knowledge and skills that extend beyond the business disciplines. For this reason, we have internationalized our curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

B.B.A. in International Business

An international business major was added to the Bachelor of Business Administration program in the spring of 2004. The major offers students the opportunity to prepare themselves to work in the international environment and requires a combination of foreign language proficiency, study abroad, cultural knowledge and international business courses in marketing, finance, economics, accounting and law. This major also requires one semester or one full summer term abroad enrolled in an approved college or university academic program.

AMBA/PMBA/MACC International Business Focus

Like undergraduate employers, present day employers of graduate business students want those students to be able to solve problems across geographies as well as across functions. The Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business is committed to instilling an international perspective in all students so that they can fulfill the requirements. In addition to incorporating international content into relevant coursework, AMBA, PMBA and MACC students are required to complete MBA 6350 International Study Abroad. The Massey School is one of a few graduate business schools in the United States to incorporate such a course into the curriculum, thereby giving Massey graduates a distinct advantage in the marketplace.