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International Business Study Abroad (MGT 6350) Requirement

As the world was indeed becoming flat, The Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business was ahead of its time in 2000 when it began requiring all of its students to take an international study trip at some point during their degree programs. 

The Massey School views this practice as a way of expanding students' views of culture and the interdependency that exists between companies and countries around the world.  Only a handful of other graduate business programs hold their graduate business students to a similar requirement.  Click the video links to our most recent trips to Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria for a week in the life of The Massey School’s International Study Abroad experience. 

Proposed trips are subject to change. Final decisions regarding trips will be determined by individual interest.  Upcoming trips may include:



2017 Destinations



Photo of city street in Dublin, Ireland


March 4 - 12, 2017

Dublin, Ireland & London, England

Despite being roughly a thousand years old, Dublin is a bustling, modern city. The cobblestone streets and gracious squares of Georgian Dublin still echo with history—but the high-tech boom of the past decade has radically changed the face of the city, particularly in the new Docklands area. Today, Dublin is a cosmopolitan hub filled with excellent restaurants, world-class theaters, and raucous nightlife—and, of course, storied old pubs, where you can encounter funny, gregarious locals in their natural habitat.

This trip will explore more than just Dublin’s ceol agus craic (music and fun). Ireland has a small highly globalized economy, with a large exporting sector, and a significant number of multinational corporations, and we will visit a variety of organizations. We will examine the efforts of the Irish political leaders to cultivate a strong economy that has its base in technology. Then we will evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy by visiting various companies that depend on technology. Past corporate visits have included: Irish Express, Dell Computers, Bank of Ireland, Guinness, Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals and Deloitte and Touche.

Photo of London skyline and the Thames River

Toward the end of the week, plans are to visit the United Kingdom, with the majority of time spent focusing on Britain’s entertainment industry. Visits are expected to be tied to the impact of the “British Invasion” on the global music industry. Potential destination organizations include Abbey Road Studios, the Cavern Club, and Apple Records, Inc. Accompanying travelers on this trip will be Mr. Larry Stessel, managing partner of Revolver Marketing Group and former senior vice president for three major record labels (Epic/Sony, Mercury/Universal, and EMI).


Taipei Skyline at night.

May 6 - 14, 2017

Taipei, Taiwan

A flourishing metropolis, Taipei sits in a basin surrounded by mountains gushing with hot springs, but it's the urban attractions that garner the most attention in this capital city with about 7 million residents. In a short period of time, Taipei has become one of the region's most dynamic, comfortable and livable cities.

Taipei is modern in many ways, with a clean and efficient subway (MRT) system and lots of familiar brands occupying space in luxury shopping malls and department stores. But the city, spared the ravages of the Cultural Revolution on the mainland, retains its traditions. Taoist and Buddhist temples permeate the region, and few Taiwanese would consider making a major decision without first consulting a fortune-teller. For business travelers, this means the city is at once familiar and exotic—comfortable in many ways, but rarely boring.

Taipei makes an ideal base for international companies seeking to establish a presence in China and other Asian markets. The city has developed considerable footprints in electronics and petrochemicals and is now a center for not only manufacturing but also R&D. In fact, the area dominates in LED production, and its solar PV makers now account for nearly 20 percent of the global markets.


Skyline of Bogota, Colombia

May 6 - 21, 2017 (AMBA only)

Bogota, Cartagena & Medellin, Colombia

Bogota is the capital of Colombia and the nation’s largest city.  With its treasure trove of museums, art galleries, international fairs and cultural events, Bogota was named by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) as a “City of Music” in 2013.  Festivals included music ranging from Beethoven to cumbia, native Colombian music popular throughout South America.  With its skilled workforce and strategic location, Bogota is also one Latin America’s most competitive business environments. 


Skyline of Cartagena, Colombia

Named after the famous Spanish city, Cartagena is a popular port located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. The city is a blend of colonial structures, beaches, sprawling suburbs and high rise buildings.  With its port, fortresses, and monuments, Cartagena was also named by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.  Major industries include oil refining, sugar, tobacco, textiles and tourism. 


Medellin, Colombia


Nestled in the mountainous Antioquia province, Medellín is the capital as well as second largest city in Colombia. Its nickname is the “City of the Eternal Spring” due to the temperate climate.  Once considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Medellin has rebounded and become a thriving medical and business center.  The city also boasts one of the top transport systems in the world linking commuters through the hillsides and valleys. 



Skyline of Lima, Peru

August 12 - 20, 2017

Lima, Peru

For more than a decade, Peru has been a rising star of emerging economies, with fast growth, an expanding middle class, and declining public debt. It has been widely viewed as one of the most credit worthy states in Latin America. Founded in 1535 by the Spaniards, Lima, Peru's capital city, has approximately eight million inhabitants and accounts for 70% of the country's GDP. The city continues to grow into one of the largest financial centers in Latin America, drawing more and more international companies to set up shop in its business district. During this trip, we will visit both for-profit companies and social entrepreneurship ventures in and around Lima.

Lima is not only a business city. It is also rich in history and culture, with civilization that dates back millennia. Stately museums display sublime pottery; galleries debut edgy art; solemn religious processions recall the 18th century and crowded nightclubs dispense tropical beats. In recent years, the city has been building its reputation as a city for foodies. Lima is home to everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to hole-in-the-wall cervicherias that will continue to draw in foodies from around the world. In fact, Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants Awards recently listed eight Lima restaurants on the prestigious list.

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