HCMBA Curriculum

HCMBA students proceed through the 21-course degree program in lockstep cohort fashion, with subsequent courses building on what was learned in earlier modules.  The program begins with a one-week full-time concentrated day-time set of courses before returning to a two-evening per week, part-time format that continues for the remainder of the first year.  Year two is similar in pace and scheduling.  The entire program runs 24 months, with students generally on campus two evenings per week.

The HCMBA “curricular DNA” for students includes two interrelated strands of coursework where important connections are made between an MBA Foundation and the Business of Healthcare. The MBA business core includes content coverage in each of the basic functional areas of business:  accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, business technology, and operations.  As the first year advances, an increasing number of healthcare-specific business courses are added, with industry-specific content in areas such as global healthcare, law and bioethics, healthcare leadership, and healthcare strategic planning, and public policy.  

As students begin to move into the second year of the program, the healthcare focus is intensified, with enrollment in topics such as patient-focused care, healthcare quality improvement and compliance, and healthcare informatics, among others.  Finally, each student has an additional opportunity to customize the program to fit their specific learning needs through selection of two course electives from topics such as lean healthcare management, negotiation and decision-making, supply chain management, and physician practice management, among many others.