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The Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA) program began as the flagship graduate business program when The Massey School was founded in 1986 and is a challenging, flexible program designed for experienced and working professionals.  The PMBA combines relevant coursework with practical experience and is designed to meet the contemporary needs of business.  Students are admitted to and may begin their program at any one of three times per year (fall, spring, or summer). 

If you are looking for a one-year program, take a look at our Accelerated Master of Business Administration.  With at least three - years of healthcare related experience, you might be interested in The Massey School's Healthcare Master of Business Administration


The Massey PMBA Features:


Professional Experience.   PMBA students are required to have a minimum of two years of significant full-time work experience before beginning the Massey PMBA. One of the defining characteristics of the PMBA program can be found in the quality of peer students and what their combined experiences bring to the PMBA classroom.

Flexibility.   We offer flexible schedules to accommodate a student's professional and personal commitments, with each required business core course offered three times per year and numerous electives offered as demand requires.  All courses are offered in a Monday through Thursday evening format from 6:15 to 9:00 p.m.-a schedule designed to meet the needs of working professionals.   Furthermore, the program is even designed to allow student professionals the option of opting in or out of a given term, depending on the demands of work and other life pursuits.  If needed, each student has up to four years to complete the program once it is begun.

Personal Touch.  An additional characteristic that sets The Massey School apart from many of its peers is the personal attention given to each student's learning needs.  Enrollments are managed to assure small class sizes (average of 25 in core classes and 13 in electives) so that students have significant opportunities to interact with each professor and their peers.  All program faculty are deeply committed to making sure that each student's learning environment is an effective one for that individual. 

Program Prerequisites  Most individuals who completed an undergraduate degree in business will find that most if not all of their prerequisite course requirements have already been met.  However, for others, Belmont offers courses in financial and managerial accounting, macroeconomics and microeconomics, calculus, and statistics in a variety of formats to meet the scheduling needs of many professionals.  The School will also help advise incoming students regarding other institutional avenues to fulfilling program prerequisites.  Students may enroll in such courses at any regionally accredited college or university.  MBA students who require most, if not all, prerequisites course should consider the Summer Business Institute (SBI). The SBI is a 10 - week program with courses scheduled on Tuesday and Thursdays evenings and Saturdays.Contact The Massey School office prior to enrolling in prerequisites to ensure the appropriate courses are taken that will meet Massey requirements (615-460-6480). 


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