GMAT Course Overview

"Mr. Stelling is ‘old school' in a good way. He teaches the material you need to know and outlines a course of action that is necessary to perform at your highest level. My performance was much better than it was on a previous attempt without the structure and discipline of the GMAT strategy class." Ray Mettetal, Master of Accountancy Alumnus

Designed for both those taking the GMAT for the first time and those wanting to improve upon a previous GMAT score, The Massey School's GMAT Strategies course provides 39+ classroom hours of comprehensive overview of GMAT structure and scoring, detailed analyses of the content of all GMAT verbal and quantitative sections, and brief overviews of the GMAT integrated reasoning and essay sections. Lecture is supplemented with demonstration and numerous brief practice quizzes stressing application of the concepts taught and techniques modeled by the instructor, Jim Stelling.

Students are taught attack strategies, question analysis/simplification methods, and answer evaluation techniques through actual GMAT question-focused explanations. Assignments emphasize individual drills designed to hone skills and improve efficiency.

Students are required to bring the prints of GMAT Paper Tests Set III ($25.00; to the first class meeting. A full-length paper test from GMAT Paper Tests Set III, supplementing the on-line practice tests students are encouraged to download at no cost from the www.MBA.Com web site, is given during the last class meeting.

Students taking The Massey School's GMAT Strategies course who need an intensive math refresher should consider enrolling in the 13 - hour GMAT Foundations of Math Review course.  The Foundations of Math Review course does not directly address GMAT problem - solving or data sufficiency material. The fee for this course, including all materials, is $140.  Click below for course dates and registration.                                 

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