GMAT Course Materials

The required text for the GMAT Strategies course, the 13th Edition of The Official Guide for GMAT Review ($42.95), can be ordered through www.MBA.Com. Students should confirm the current text when registering with The Massey School for the GMAT Strategies course.  Students are required to purchase, download, and bring to the first class meeting prints of GMAT Paper Tests Set 3 ($29.99;  Since material from these tests will be used for in-class testing, students should not review these tests in advance.  The instructor will advise students which free materials should be downloaded from during the course to supplement instructor-provided materials.  Materials prepared by the instructor are included in the cost of the course and distributed during the course.

Students whose writing skills need strengthening are encouraged to complete the "GMAT Write" on-line essay practice available at ($29.99) and to schedule a 1:1 session with the instructor at lunch time during the last three class meetings to review the scoring of these essays by the GMAT inference engine.

Note regarding The Official Guide for GMAT Review and the Integrated Reasoning Section

Each new copy of the 13th Edition: Official Guide for GMAT Review contains a unique password that provides limited-time on-line access to practice Integrated Reasoning material.  Those planning to take the GMAT on/after 6/05/2012 should purchase the text (from a source that can reliably assure that the text is new/the password has not been used previously) and access this material.

Beginning with the Massey School Fall, 2012 GMAT Strategies course, students will be required to present evidence at the first class meeting that they have a password that can be used during the class.