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Directions & Parking

From Wedgewood Avenue, coming from 12th Avenue South, turn left into the alley before the Gordon E. Inman Center (water fountain in front of the building) and make an immediate right into the garage, which is beneath the building.

Parking level 1 (P1) to your left as you enter the parking garage has been reserved for guest parking. That parking area is located under the McWhorter building.

Please walk to the Inman elevator, which was on your right as you entered the garage. Take the Inman elevator to Level 1 of the Gordon E. Inman Center. Exit the elevator to the  right and exit the building through the door to your left. Follow the sidewalk to the left of the fountain and up the hill through the parking lot. Entrance to the Massey Business Center will be on your left at the top of the hill.