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adult degree (pbba)

Adult Degree (PBBA)

Professional Bachelor of Business Administration (PBBA)

Traditional BBA Degree Personalized for Working Professionals

The Undergraduate School of Business Administration at Belmont University understands there are many reasons working professionals choose to finish their BBA degrees at Belmont.

Security. Finding a job is only the first step. Establishing a career is key.
Promotion. When upward is the only way you want to move.
Accomplishment. Fulfilling a lifelong ambition can open the gateway to even greater success.

At Belmont, you can be confident of something more.

Credibility.  With the only AACSB International accredited private undergraduate business program in the state of Tennessee, Belmont's expert faculty and innovative curriculum position our program as one of the best available.

With a discounted tuition rate, flexible scheduling, encouraging instructors and peers, comfortable classrooms and invaluable networking opportunities, more and more people are seeking the Belmont experience to elevate their personal and professional goals.

After all, there are two names that count on your diploma — yours and ours.

Learn more about the Adult BBA Degree concentrations: General Business and Accounting

"Inspiration is a great thing; many students are inspired by their professors.  Inspiration can also come from students.  I have taught PBBA students for several years. Part of why I look forward to teaching PBBA students is that I am regularly inspired by them.  The obstacles that many of them have overcome or are overcoming can be staggering.  These obstacles can be financial, physical, learning oriented or even time and family oriented.  I admire the drive many of these students have to complete their educations.  As a result, I want to be at my best when teaching them."
– Dr. Richard Churchman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management at Belmont