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Study Abroad

Global Perspective

The development of an international perspective is a key component in the mission of Belmont University’s Jack C. Massey College of Business.  All BBA degree-seeking students are required to complete an International Business course, and global concepts are discussed in other business classes.

In addition to classroom learning, students are encouraged to participate in Belmont’s Study Abroad program.  Read about a few of our undergraduate business students’ experiences below, and click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about studying abroad. 

For additional information, including links to business faculty-led trips, please visit the
Center for International Business Web site

Heidi, International Business


“I had traveled abroad numerous times and had thoroughly enjoyable trips, but nothing compares to living in a foreign country. You truly are tested on being able to find new ways to do things you could do easily before. Even eating is different. Living in one new country teaches you how to adapt in almost any situation. It is a priceless asset for the future.

In class we talk about how you must consider the international environment in many business situations. During my study abroad, I saw those examples in practice, and learned just how different and important they are.

In any field, a semester abroad can broaden your awareness and the way that you think. We do not realize that we have an American culture and way of doing things until we leave that culture and return. Go! Explore! Learn!”

Jordan, Marketing


"I spent a month at King’s College in London studying in the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA) fashion program and learning about life in the city of London. This trip allowed me to experience the fashion world hands on, and gave me a completely new, cross-cultural perspective on my major, Marketing.

My time studying abroad allowed me to experience new cultures around Europe, eat a variety of different types of cuisine, meet new friends from all over America, learn more about fashion, and gain an independence that you can only get from submerging yourself into a new culture.

My experiences during my CCSA summer trip to London and its surrounding areas were absolutely unforgettable, and my month in London was one of the best months of my life."

Emily, Entrepreneurship


“My major does not require me to study abroad, but I chose to spend a semester in Ireland for several reasons. I felt like it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to spend four months studying in another country for the same price that Belmont costs. I knew that studying abroad would challenge me culturally, emotionally, and spiritually.

My semester in Ireland helped me to see just how small the business world can be. Sitting in classrooms across the ocean, with students who sounded so different than I do, I was able to see how similar their course material and discussions are to classes I've had at Belmont. I feel blessed, too, to have been able to spend time learning in a new environment. I came back to Belmont with a clearer perspective on the world, especially the business world, around me.

Putting myself outside of my comfort zone helped me to identify certain fears and confidences in myself that I hadn't been able to zero in on at home. I really value the time I had in Dublin as a time of self-exploration.  It is so worth to see the world beyond where you grew up. Immersing yourself in a country's culture is the best way to meet people and learn about new places."