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Student Care & Concern

Student Concern System

As a primary resource within the Dean of Students’ Office, the Student Concern System is a resource designed for all members of the Belmont University community to use to report non-emergency concerns about a student’s health or safety. The Dean of Students’ Office encourages all Belmont faculty, staff and students to utilize the student concern system to share your concern, large or small. Professional staff will assist in identifying the type of concern and connect students of concern to helpful resources on an as needed basis.

Campus Members Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of faculty, staff and students to immediately report any situation that could possibly result in harm to anyone at the University. The Student Concern System is not 911 and should only be utilized for non-life threatening concerns. Please contact Campus Security for all immediate safety concerns 615-460-6911. Student Concern System notifications are informational only, and actions taken by the Dean of Students’ Office to concerns submitted may be confidential.

How to Submit a Concern about a Student?

Connect to the student concern system by any of the following:
* Phone: 615-460-6407
* Email: 

Report Behaviors to the Student Concern System Such As:

Disturbing or Disruptive Behavior

* Has incongruent emotional responses
* Displays bizarre behavior
* Describes suspicious thoughts
* Demonstrates irritable behavior
* Reports sexual or physical assault
* Has emotional or anger outbursts
* Disrupts class

Signs of a Student in Distress

* Expresses stressful events have occurred in their lives
* Displays decreased quality of work
* Has increased absences
* Makes repeated requests for special considerations
* Displays anxiety
* Is unable to provide for their basic living needs

Contact Campus Security at 615-460-6911 if you observe a student:
* Expressing suicidal thoughts or gestures
* Making threats to others
* Displaying self-mutilating behavior
* Carrying weapons
* Demonstrating intimidating behaviors

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Office of the Dean of Students 615-460-6407