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“As a junior and senior at Belmont, I have found Career Services and Tish to be a fantastic resource.  With everything from personalized resume and networking advice in one-on-one meetings to all of the great convocations, Career Services has helped me tremendously in focusing on the next step after graduation. Career Services has given me the tools and the confidence I need to approach and access the entertainment job market.”
-Mallory Trice, Classical Voice Performance, Entertainment Industry Studies

“Belmont Career Services greatly boosted my chances of receiving a one of a kind internship for the summer. The staff are professional and friendly while knowing exactly what to say and do. I plan on seeing them more in the fall as I search for a job after graduation.“
-Jacob Drake, Religious Studies

“Belmont University’s Career Services office has helped me on many occasions.  The Belmont and Beyond Convocation on interview tips was particularly helpful during my job search, as well as the individual assistance I received while creating my resume. The Career Services office also helped me contact the campus representative for the Walt Disney World College Program, who was very influential in my decision to apply to the program. I have now been accepted as an intern and I can’t wait to start my career in the theme park industry! The assistance I received from the staff members in Career Services was very beneficial and I am glad I took advantage of the opportunity to seek their help during my time at Belmont.”
-Emilee Murphree, Music Business


"The advisors in the Career Services department are wonderful! After meeting with them I felt very confident sending out my resume and interviewing with big name Nashville companies. Every student should take advantage of the services they offer!"
-Kathryn Burns, Corporate Communication, Public Relations

“I applied for a very specific graduate program that very few people have heard of. I wasn't sure what to expect when arriving for my mock interview with Rachel, but I left amazed. Her questions were very program specific and it was obvious to tell she did her homework. Career Services (Rachel especially) was very helpful in preparing for my interview.”
-Mark McFarland, Biology

"When I was looking to make a career transition in 2007, Belmont Career Services was there to help me every step of the way. Their talented team offered resume guidance (tricky, in my circumstances, because I was trying to show that my skills were transferable from one industry to another), contacts with whom to conduct informational interviews, mock interviews, and salary negotiation tips. All of these services were invaluable, especially when coupled with their cheerleading! They were among the first to know when I got my job and I am still most grateful for their support."
-Laura McLeod, Music Business

"Belmont Career Services not only gives students direction on how to actively seek employment, but also helps them identify their strengths and narrow their focus through counseling, personality assessments and mock interviews. When I met with Rachel at career services back in January, she spent over an hour with me going over my resume and cover letter, teaching me how to build my professional presence online and showing me how to find jobs and internships. At that meeting, Rachel encouraged me to apply for an internship position on CareerConnector and I ended up interning with that company during my final semester at Belmont and now work with them as a graduate."
-Emily Arno, English

"Belmont Career Services goes above and beyond their mission. During my senior year, I asked them for help to implement the Call to Serve program that would open up opportunities for students at Belmont to find internships and careers within the government. The Career Services team worked closely by my side to help make the Call to Serve program a reality. I am grateful for the positive experience I had with Career Services and I know they will be available if I ever need assistance in the future!"
-Carlin Larowski, Sociology

“Career Services has been a tremendous help, especially during my Senior year at Belmont. I encourage every student to take advantage of such an amazing resource. Tish was extremely helpful, meeting with me during my last semester to revamp my resume. After graduation, I was a little discouraged after having trouble finding job openings in my desired field of publishing. In mid June, Tish informed me of a position that had just opened up at a prestigious music publisher and I applied on the same day. Ten days later, I was offered my first full-time job in the music business!”
-Daniel Berrios, Music Business, Production

“I went to several appointments with Career Services to clean up my resume and keep it updated in Belmont's Resume Book. With Lori's help, I have found great accounting, investment, and strategic management internships. I have even been contacted out of the blue by a company who saw my resume in Belmont's Resume Book!  I am currently interning at that company, and it is exactly the career path that I want to pursue.“
-Helen Vandendriessche, Accounting

"Career Services was very beneficial to my undergraduate experience at Belmont. Patricia provided great guidance and equipped me with interview techniques for obtaining an internship, which led to an employment position upon graduation. Career Services is a great resource for students seeking advice and knowledge on internships and career opportunities." 
-Ashley Cox, Music Business

“As a recent Belmont grad and Fulbright recipient, I went to Belmont Career Services after having enjoyed two months at home after returning from abroad.  Mrs. Jacobs worked with me on my resume and assisted me with my job search. She, along with Belmont Career Services were crucial in my job search. I am now Coordinator of a Supplemental Education Service program that tutors students after school. Belmont Career services was so helpful and I am thankful for their assistance."
-Roxanna Hajjafar, Political Science

These are just a few of the students and graduates we have worked with over the past year. If we can assist you, contact careerservices@belmont.edu.

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