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Student Organizations

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Student Chapter

The purpose of the Belmont Chapter of the National Science Teachers Association is twofold.  The first goal is to promote scholarship in the sciences by creating resources for teachers to use in the classroom. We also plan on hosting demonstrations of science activities and providing tutoring for students both at Belmont and in the broader Nashville community. In doing so, we hope to share the joy of science with others. Secondly, we aspire to link all the science clubs and organizations at Belmont together through our diverse membership.

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Want to get involved?  Contact Ilyana Ilieva  

2017-2018 Club Officers:

President(s):  Mary Barber
Vice-President: Christopher Burdette
Secretary:  Crystal Lemus
Treasurer:  Britney Sams
Historian: Shannon Kelly
Marketing Director: Mary Barber

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Danielle Garrett

nsta science
Bake Sale with founding club members
2014/2015 School Year
Volunteering at the Adventure Science
Center 2015/2016 School Year

stem mlk
2015/2016 School Year
MLK Magnet High School Science
 2015/16 School Year

Chapter membership requirements:

  • Open to all Belmont undergraduate students with an interest in science and/or education
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA overall
  • Attendance at a minimum of fifty percent of meetings
  • Chapter affiliation is received from this Belmont University chapter and members will be required to pay membership dues of $10 per year

National membership requirements:

  • Open to all Belmont undergraduate students with an interest in science and/or education
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA overall
  • Attendance at a minimum of fifty percent of meetings
  • National affiliation is received from the National Science Teachers Association directly and members will be required to pay membership dues directly to NSTA
  • If a member chooses to participate in national affiliation, the chapter affiliation dues will be waived

Beta Chi

betachi group photo_april-2017

This student organization's purpose is to promote research in the area of biochemistry and molecular biology through seminars and laboratory opportunities, while providing a social setting for networking and volunteering.

Dr. Rachel Rigsby serves as the faculty advisor for this organization.


beta chiPresident -- Sarah Maxwell
Vice-President -- Prisha Patel
Secretary -- Mary Barber
Treasurer -- Morgan McCauley
Community Outreach -- Libby Ligon

SMACS (Student Members of the American Chemical Society)

Club Officers for 2016-2017:
SMACS club officers

Co-Presidents   Christy King and Sarah Cannavino
Vice-President Bailey Rose
Secretary  Tyra Avery
Treasurer  Morgan McCauley
Historian    Sarah Maxwell
Events Coordinator     Libby Ligon

SMACS (Student Members of the American Chemical Society) has an active chapter on campus. At the 249th American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting in Denver, CO in March, 2015, Belmont SMACS past-president Vickie Lim accepted a Commendable Chapter Award honoring Belmont’s SMACS chapter for their activities and outreach during the 2013-2014 academic year.  Belmont’s SMACS chapter has received a prestigious Commendable award seven of the past eight years.  Only about 100 chapters from across the country and Puerto Rico are honored with this award annually. Dr. Alison Moore Parker and Dr. Rachel Rigsby are the faculty advisors. Students involved in SMACS have participated in the following activities:

  • attended regional and national ACS (American Chemical Society) meetings
  • visited local high schools to present Chemistry demonstrations
  • offered convocation programs on campus as part of National Chemistry Week
  • participated in Explorations in Chemistry --- High School Chemistry Day at Belmont
  • participated in CSI Week at Belmont and CSI: Belmont......Whodunnit?

The Belmont chapter of SMACS entered a video in the ACS Presidential Video Challenge. The videos are to reach out to elementary and middle school students and help them develop an awareness of who chemists are and to understand how important chemistry is to their lives. Here is the link to Belmont's SMACS video:

SPS (Society of Physics Students)

Dr. Scott Hawley is the faculty advisor for this organization.

Club Officers
President: Daniel "Toast" Taber
Vice-President: Georgia Fisher
Secretary: So Ra "Sarah" Chung
Treasurer: Cameron Hardwick

sps group

Physics Students Sponsor an 'Egg Drop' Contest

egg drop

Dr. Scott Hawley dropping the apparatus of SPS President Daniel Taber, who is holding the height gauge

egg drop winners

Anthony Irwin - 1st place winner
Alisha Dowling - 2nd place winner

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) at Belmont University sponsored an "Egg Drop" contest on April 12, 2013.  Students from across the university were invited to compete by building an apparatus which could contain an egg, allowing it to be dropped from the maximum possible height without breaking.  The 1st Place Winner was Anthony Irwin, a double major in Physics and Audio Engineering Technology,  and the 2nd Place Winner was Alisha Dowling, a Medical Physics major.  Both Mr. Irwin's and Ms. Dowling's apparatuses sustained drops from over 6 meters with no egg breakage, but after a brutal tiebreaker, Mr. Irwin claimed the prize of a $25 gift certificate provided by Bongo Java -- makers of the 'Egg Bomb' breakfast sandwich.