Construction Traffic

To ensure that construction vehicles flow as safely and efficiently as possible without becoming an excessive burden on any one group of neighbors, construction vehicles will enter and exit construction sites via multiple routes:

Wedgewood Academic Center
Empty trucks approaching the site will travel west on Acklen and Caldwell Avenues. Trucks leaving the site will proceed north on 15th Avenue and east on Wedgewood to reach 12th Avenue South and Interstate 65.  A traffic light will be installed at 15th and Wedgewood Avenues this summer to further calm traffic in the neighborhood. The east side of 15th Avenue South will be widened for residential permit parking only. Once construction is complete, roundabouts will be installed at the 15th/Acklen intersection and between the North Garage, Baskin Center Garage and Wedgewood Academic Center Garage to ease traffic flow.

Dickens Residence Hall and Bruin Hills
12th Avenue South to Ashwood to 15th Avenue South
12th Avenue South to Linden to 15th Avenue South
Belmont Boulevard and Delmar Avenue

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that may be caused by these construction activities and appreciate your patience and support while we add to the university’s on campus parking capacity.