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Role of Faculty & Staff in Assisting with Student Problems

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Students frequently experience a great deal of stress (i.e. academic, social, financial) during their university careers.  Many students successfully cope with these pressures, but some find themselves overwhelmed.  Because emotional distress typically interferes with a student's academic performance and/or social interactions, faculty and staff are often in good positions to recognize students who are in trouble.  You will not be able to spot every such student, nor will every student you approach be willing to accept your assistance.  Nevertheless, by communicating interest and concern to a distressed student, you may play an important role in helping that student regain the emotional balance needed to cope with stress. 

Much of the stress that students experience is related to the developmental tasks of this life phase.  Please remember, however, that major mental illnesses often manifest initially when people are in their late teens and early 20's.  Some of the observable signs may indicate the beginning of serious psychological problems.

If you are concerned about a student, please contact the Counseling Office at (615) 460-6856.