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Therapeutic Groups

Spring 2019 Therapy Group Offerings

If you are interested in joining a group, come by Gabhart 209 during walk-in hours (M-F 10 am to 3 pm) or contact our office ( or 615.460.6856). 


 Ongoing Groups

To sign up, just come by Counseling Services during walk-in hours:

Monday-Friday 10 am- 3 pm

Easing Anxiety

Mondays at 10 am & Thursdays at 2 pm

Easing Anxiety is a group designed to learn and practice skills to help in the understanding and calming of your anxiety. Each group will include a check-in, skill review/teaching element, and time to practice. This group will not involve large amounts of processing, but instead will focus on the development of skills to manage and decrease anxiety. This group will be offered twice each semester. 


Walk & Talk

Mondays at 2 pm

Walking is good for your body and your mind. Connecting with others is good for your soul. Come join us as we do both! This group combines traditional group therapy practices with intentional movement and conversation. This group will be offered once this semester and will begin in the month of March. 


Wise Mind

Tuesdays at 10 am

This group focuses on the Dialectical Behavior Therapy approach to help participants learn how to better manage painful emotions and decrease conflict in relationships. This group is support oriented and collaborative. Therapeutic skills are developed in four main areas: interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance/reality acceptance skills, emotional regulation, and mindfulness. 


Connections: Understanding Yourself and Others

Tuesdays at 2 pm and Thursdays at 10 am

This group is a great fit for anyone struggling with a variety of issues. In this group, you will explore ways of connection and will receive and provide feedback to group members that can be translated to healthier relationships outside of group. Group leaders will facilitate individual and group growth by identifying important themes and will help you process in the here and now. This group will be offered twice each semester. 



Wednesdays at 2 pm

This group will learn and discuss the what and how of self-compassion. Participants will focus on such things as mindfulness, building connection with others, and learning/practicing being kind to yourself. This group will both learn about and process through the learning and practice of self-compassion. 


Relationship Skills

Fridays at 10 am

This group will benefit students who desire to improve existing relationships and create new ones. We will focus on developing simple but powerful relationship skills and allow space for group members to share their thoughts and feelings. Videos, art, and conversation will be utilized to offer a holistic approach to learning and developing relationship skills. This group will be offered twice each semester. 

Drop-In Groups

No sign up needed. Come as you are able!



Need a mindful moment? Join us in the FITREC Group Fitness Room for 30 minutes of mindfulness. This group is open to faculty, staff, and students!

Tuesdays/Thursdays at 1:00 pm

Wednesdays at 8:00 am


Express Yourself

Wednesdays at 10 am in Gabhart 209

Deepen your understanding of self through artistic expression. No prior art experience needed.


Along the Journey

Grad/Prof Degree Support Group

Wednesdays at 3 pm in Inman 242

You weren't meant to journey alone. Join us in discussing academic stressors, how to navigate relationships with colleagues & loved ones, and ways to find work/life balance.