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Stocks & Securities

Donors may enjoy substantial tax savings by transferring gifts of appreciated securities to Belmont.  A gift of securities may be deducted at fair market value on the date of the transfer to Belmont.  Gifts of long-term appreciated assets (securities owned for at least one year and one day) are particularly beneficial in terms of tax savings.  In addition to receiving a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of such a gift, you completely avoid the capital gains tax and any sales commission that would be payable upon the sale of the security. 

To make a gift of securities, first notify the Office of Development at 615-460-5517.  Please provide the name of the company, number of shares, the designation of the gift, and your broker's name and phone number. 

If your securities are with a bank or broker, you may transfer your shares to Belmont by DTC wire.  You should instruct your broker to transfer the gift to Belmont University.  Please remind your broker to include your name with the transaction or call Belmont after the transaction is made to inform us of who made the gift.

If the security is not held in paper, the stock can be transferred directly to Belmont’s account with Wells Fargo Advisors.

DTC Info:
0141 - Belmont University Gifting Account – 43836328

General wiring of Stock:
DTC Number: 0141
Belmont University Gifting Account – 43836328
Wells Fargo Advisors
Mr. Kim Richardson – Financial Advisor
Phone: (615) 372-1100
Further Credit Belmont University Gifting Account ATTN: John Malone #43836328

General wiring of Cash:
For assistance, please contact the development office at 615-460-5517.

For any questions regarding the transfer of securities, please call 615-460-5517.