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Kim Balding

Kim Balding

Kimberly Balding (M.A., Belmont University) is an Instructor of English. She teaches First-Year Writing, Third-Year Writing, Special Topics, and Travel Writing through CCSA (Cooperative Center for Study Abroad). Professor Balding’s interests include the research and study of the Irish culture and Irish literature (often her course themes) and the points of intersection between the two. During Maymester 2013, she led a study abroad group to both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, visiting cities such as Dublin, Belfast, and Galway. Her Irish interests have inspired her to learn to read and write Gaelic and to dabble in Irish cooking. She encourages her students to find the beauty and the power of the written word in all genres. Dia Duit!

Email: Kimberly.balding@belmont.edu

Phone: 615-460-6988

Office: WHB 211