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Douglas Murray

Dr. Doug Murray  

Douglas Murray (Ph.D, University of North Carolina) is a Professor of English. He gravitates toward British rather than American literature and feels most at home with works of the 17th-early 20th centuries. His favorite novelist is Jane Austen, whose works he has helped edit for the Oxford University Press. Favorite poets include Donne, Pope, Blake, Hopkins and Eliot.  His missions include teaching readers to feel poetry in their bones and to expand their reading beyond works penned in the last 15 minutes. He teaches Understanding Literary Language, Surveys of British Literature on the undergraduate and graduate levels, and advanced courses on the 18th century and the British novel. He loves working with freshmen (First-Year Writing and First-Year Seminar) and is always encouraging students to study abroad, especially in Britain and France.  He is also a musician, serving as organist at the Nashville's First Presbyterian Church, at Franklin and Tyne, where he plays on the German-made Beckerath organ.  His musical specialties include improvisation in the French and baroque styles and all music associated with the Church of England.  He is currently looking forward to a sabbatical in the spring of 2010, in which he will compile a poetry workbook, study the poetry of Isaac Watts, and explore the new field of Cultural Geography.