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Writing Center

Writing Center

: Wedgewood Academic Center - Room 1023

Director: Ms. Michael Hudson 460-6163

To schedule an appointment: come in, call 460-6855, or email

The Belmont University Writing Center exists for students, faculty, and staff―all members of the Belmont community.  We provide individual instruction, convocation sessions, outreaches to individual classes, and instructional materials.  Of course, no one can learn all there is to know about writing from just one visit to the center or from just one composition course; writing is a complex process, and we’re committed to helping writers as they compose in different genres, for diverse audiences, and in all sorts of academic disciplines.

Individual Instruction
We offer free 30-minute sessions for anyone seeking advice or help with writing.  We are happy to assist writers at any part of the writing process―from generating ideas, to pre-writing, to polishing their manuscripts.  Writers who visit us regularly learn more about:

  • organizing a complex argument
  • getting started with a research project
  • reviewing published literature
  • acknowledging debts to other sources
  • choosing and using an appropriate documentation system
  • making appropriate stylistic choices
  • learning to proofread their own work

We do not edit or proofread papers.  And we will not do your reading, writing, or thinking for you.  We ask that instructors not demand or require entire classes to visit the Writing Center for a particular assignment.  To schedule a 30-minute session, come in, call 460-6855, or email learning.centers@belmont.edu.  Please bring a copy of your assignment with you to your session.

Campus Outreach

We are committed to writing across the curriculum and collaborative learning, so we are happy to meet with Belmont faculty members about their writing assignments or come to their classes for brief outreach sessions on how to make the most of the Belmont University Writing Center.

Instructional Materials

The Belmont University Writing Center offers a number of useful handouts, including advice on writing arguments, critical essays, documentation, and taking essay exams.  Please see links above for resources for students (e.g., documentation guides, introductions to argumentation, advice on annotated bibliographies, etc.) and for resources for professors (e.g., techniques for integrating peer review, advice for designing assignments, tips for coaching revision).  

A Final Word: As writers, we know that the work we do in the writing center can continually improve.  So we welcome your comments, feedback, and questions!