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What Our Alumni Have to Say

Sharon Hurt

"This course of study has been rewarding in so many ways, that I cannot count them.  It has increased my faith not only in this community, but faith in me. When I started this program, I doubted myself and my ability, but through the coursework and professors, engaging classmates and amazing support of my advisory team, I am sure that I have the power, resources, and formula right here at my fingertips to see the greatest transformation that many will marvel over for years."

- Sharon Hurt, Executive Director, Jefferson Street United Merchants Partnership, Inc.

Vanessa Melius

"In addition to the outstanding instructors, I learn so much from the other students. From nonprofit executives to nonprofit beginners, the networking and professional growth is exceptional."

- Vanessa Melius, Grants Manager at PearlPoint Cancer Support

Matt Clark

"The Nonprofit Leadership program at Belmont University has been an invaluable asset to prepare me for a career in the nonprofit sector. Through the program, I received the knowledge necessary to run and operate nonprofit organizations which has prepared me, and opened the doors, for roles as a member on a board of directors and as an executive director."

-Matt Clark
, Executive Director, Promise for Haiti

Tammy Rohane-Henderson

"Belmont's Nonprofit Leadership program blends real world experience, current literature, a historical perspective and the work students are currently involved in to create exposure to a broad range of experiences, resulting in an expertise in the field of nonprofits. The professors present a supportive learning experience and are leaders in their respective fields. Communication skills and community learning are developed through group activities. Plus I found Belmont's Nonprofit Leadership program to be well-rounded and have even utilized the skills I developed in class in my current workplace. I look forward to the opportunities having a master's degree will bring."

-Tammy Rohane-Henderson, Founder & Executive Director, Solutions Education Center

Paul Williams

"The Nonprofit Leadership program at Belmont helped me hone my leadership skills and discover what kind of leader I wanted to be. Plus through my studies, I was given the freedom to explore how my talents in creative media and film can help shape the message of nonprofits."

-Paul Williams, Director, 4theORPHANS