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Why Study English at Belmont?

Why English?

Because it helps us become more meaningfully engaged with the world, making us better readers, writers, and humans. The skills you acquire through an MA in English transfer to multiple settings. According to recent reports by the Association of American Colleges and Universities and a consortium of professional organizations, employers increasingly value the proficiencies that degree holders in English have, including critical thinking and communication. In addition, a Master’s degree in English can help pave the way toward more traditional career paths in education or writing and editing. For more on what our students do following graduation, check out our After Graduation page.

Why Belmont?

Because our students are bright, word-wise individuals who regularly publish and win awards in creative writing, develop deep ties to their communities, and advance in their professional fields or enter Ph.D. programs. We’re proud of what they achieve. Hear what our students have to say about their experience in our program below.

Want to know more about our students? Visit our English Department Blog or check out our annual English Graduate Newsletter, and be sure follow us on Facebook.