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Stop Smoking Hints

tHelpful Hints to Stop Smoking

1. Plan ahead. 
 Most people are more successful when they map out their strategy to stop smoking.  Pick a date on the calendar that you will get rid of all smoking materials.  Preferably, that date should be at a time when you are doing something differently and will be away from your usual activities,.i.e., going on a trip or taking a vacation, etc.

2.Find a Buddy
 Select a close friend, family member, or a counselor to be there for you.  This should be someone you can call when you crave a cigarette and need some positive reinforcement. Alternatively, someone who also wants to stop smoking—you can support each other.

3. Think in Fours
 Cigarettes are probably the most addictive substance we know.  Give yourself enough time to rid your body of the nicotine and associated substances as well as time for the behaviors we associate with smoking to change.  The milestones are the first 4 days, the first 4 weeks, then 4 months.  At that point if you have not smoked at all, you should feel strong enough to avoid tobacco altogether.  You may still have to be careful that you do not allow yourself to fall back into the addiction.

4. Keep the Faith
 Numerous studies show that people who want to stop smoking and using tobacco will eventually be able to do so.  Even if you fail at your first or several attempts, you will ultimately be successful.

5. Avoid  Triggers
 Some situations will increase your risk of failure.  So, for a period of time, avoid excessive caffeine(we often associate a cup of coffee with a morning cigarette).  Also, avoid alcohol—again a reminder of the smoking behavior.  And make it easy on yourself: stay away from other smokers.

6. Throw Away Your Tobacco
 Again, studies show that going “cold turkey,” is the best path to successful smoking cessation.  That means throwing out all tobacco products and intending not to use them at all, ever again.

7. List Your Reasons
 It is often helpful in your planning to write down the reasons YOU need or want to quit smoking.  It is a way to focus on your own healthy body and life.  Pull that list out whenever you are tempted to pick up a cigarette.

8. Say No
 You can do this.  Hundreds of thousands of other people have been able to stop using tobacco and you can too.  Practice ahead of time situations where you might need to say no or even escape from to avoid smoking.

9. Reward Yourself
 Think ahead to the 4th day of success, the 4th week, the 4th month.  What reward will you give yourself?

10. Consider a Nicotine Substitute
 Physical and mental addiction is hard to kick.  Consider using one of the “helpers” to stop smoking.  Health Services or your family doctor or clinic can offer further information about these.

11. Go to Counseling
 Once the physical addiction is waning, you may still need some help with the mental addiction.  The Counseling Department can work with you to help alter your response to certain triggers via behavioral modification.  This service is free on our campus.

12. Take a Walk
 Exercise is key in relieving stress and also to modify weight gain that sometimes happens when you stop smoking.  Increase your cardio time and intensity, take up a dance class, train for a marathon.  After all, by not smoking, you will be able to breathe better and have greater muscle stamina.

13. Look for Self-Help Programs
 There are many online services that help with smoking cessation.  Go to our links page for further information.

14. Smell the Roses
 You did it!  Enjoy your success!!