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Artist's Studio

The Artist's Studio helps prepare students for careers in the narrative, visual, or performing arts by providing a context in which artistic works transcend fleeting popular interest and represent works of enduring artistic quality. Students explore aesthetic theories and critical approaches that contribute to an understanding of the expectations for professional work in an artistic field, and work to deepen their own creativity through small interdisciplinary workshops, called “guilds,” focused on helping students pursue both individual and collaborative projects.  By the end of their time in The Artist's Studio, students produce a senior project of professional quality in their own artistic fields (such as a novel, a symphony, a screenplay, or an art show).

The courses in The Artist’s Studio are entitled “The Critical Eye,” which explores the perspectives and insights utilized by the  best critics of the arts, “Truth & Beauty,” which examines how great painters, writers, musicians, and other artists find the mysteries of beauty and truth, and “Writing Workshop,” which investigates the nuances of narrative structure and the professional expectations of proposals and pitches.  By the end of the process, students will have learned to:

  • Develop and complete artistic products characterized by powerful, moving, and effective artistic choices.
  • Develop an artistic style that evidences an understanding of the critical tradition in their artistic field and a portfolio of tools and strategies for achieving a high level of aesthetic depth and quality.
  • Apply critical and aesthetic tools appropriately, and discuss them clearly, completely, and accurately.
  • Produce a professional proposal appropriate to the student’s artistic field, through which artistic products in that field are generally promoted or sold.
  • Seek out and utilize support, encouragement, assistance, advice, and critique from classmates and colleagues in their artistic efforts, as well as effectively provide the same for their classmates and colleagues.