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Senior Creative Project

You are an artist in your chosen field and so you will be producing, as your senior Honors project, a creative work of the size and scope of a usual work in your artistic discipline (a novel, a symphony, an art exhibit, a screenplay, etc.) that demonstrates mastery of the skills and creative insight necessary to have a career in that field.

Questions around that degree of mastery is the focus of The Artist’s Studio, and its courses are designed to help you build a portfolio of ideas and strategies for moving your artistic efforts to a level that judges artistic works by their aesthetic merit rather than their popularity and economic success. The Artist’s Studio’s approach is critical in nature, and so you will have multiple opportunities across the semester to experiment with different approaches to your art, both in and out of class. The goal is for you to enhance what you are learning about your artistic field in your major courses by examining perspectives on the arts that are largely, if not completely, ignored by the coursework in most artistic majors.

Senior theses in The Artist’s Studio are expected to be professional works worthy of recognition in their artistic field. Take a look at an excerpt from a recent senior project:

Newton Jasper IV