Track 2: Project Lead

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The LEAD Track of Belmont’s Honors Program prepares you to “engage and transform the world” by leading others and calling people and projects to higher ground.

It explores the motives and moral foundations for leadership and builds your repertoire of principles and practices. It develops your understanding of group dynamics and organizational activity and prepares you to collaborate with others to advance a shared vision of the future. It acquaints you with the charms and challenges of real world leadership so that you can make a real world difference.

Some of the topics and/or skills you’ll encounter in LEAD:

✔ Team-building & Organizing

✔ Goal Setting & Assessment

✔ Learning in Organizations

✔ Making Meaning & Connecting with Purpose

✔ Historic Perspectives of Leadership

✔ Project Management

✔ Motivating Others & Building Buy-In

✔ Interpersonal & Organizational Systems

✔ Sources of Influence & Authority

✔ Intrapersonal dynamics

✔ Personal Examples & Models of Leadership

✔ Talent & Strength Development

✔ Stress Management

✔ Managing Up & Across the Org Chart

✔ Individual & Organizational Resilience

✔ Negotiation & Persuasion

✔ Managing Conflict 

✔ Written & Verbal Communication

✔ Creating & Casting a Vision

✔ Psychological & Emotional Components of Leadership

✔ Empowering Others

✔ Personal Boundaries & Self Management

✔ Strategic thinking

✔ Leading With & Without Power

✔ Building Other Leaders

✔ Crucial Conversations
✔ Project Management ✔ More...

The LEAD Track includes a variety of experiences that create a laboratory for learning and acquaint participants with the charms and challenges of "real-world" leadership.