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The LEAD Experience

The LEAD Experience:

LEAD prepares men and women to actually lead, not just to think or read about leadership. For this reason, it includes opportunities for you to actively and personally explore and/or experience what you’re learning and discussing with others in class. These opportunities represent “laboratories for learning” and not only make our class interactions more interesting and applicable, but offer some of the most memorable and meaningful interactions and relationships of your college experience.

  • LEAD Team: LEAD students are divided into four member LEAD Teams. These teams collaborate on a variety of projects and experiences during the program, most notably, the Sophomore LEAD project and Senior Capstone Project (See below). Students gain authentic experience in collaboration and leadership as they seek to maximize the potential and results of their teams.

  • LEAD Project(s): Significant projects are assigned to LEAD Teams at several points in the curriculum. The Sophomore Project provides opportunities for students to experience the challenges and opportunities of collaboration, and to apply their collective energy and expertise to real-world problems facing a university or local non-profit organization.

  • Student Leadership Role: Each LEAD student is required to hold a student leadership role. This role provides an authentic leadership experience and an arena in which class content and personal learning can be tested and refined. These experiences also provide inspiration and context for class interactions and discussions. 

  • Capstone Project: In lieu of a thesis, LEAD students complete a significant capstone project as the culmination of their studies. In these projects, each LEAD Team identifies a Community Partner (i.e. local business, or non-profit, etc.) and completes a project designed around that partner’s specific needs. This project and its final report are not only valuable to the partnering organization, but also serve as an integrative and summative academic experience for the students.