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Dr. Devon Boan

devon bio

Devon Boan is an author and prizewinning playwright whose courses explore 20th Century American culture, narrative structure, and artistic criticism.  

His play, "Darkroom," the story of an African-American photojournalist struggling with a success he has enjoyed passing as a white man, was a finalist at FutureFest, a new play festival in Dayton, Ohio, and was the featured event at the Midlands Tech Multicultural Symposium in Columbia, South Carolina. 

His play "No Man Knoweth His Sepulchre" portrays a man contemplating suicide in a subway station while being pestered by a strange homeless fellow, and was named Best Play in Gardner-Webb University’s New Play Competition. Devon’s book The Black "I": Author and Audience in African American Literature has been called “an original and theoretically sophisticated analysis” and “an important contribution to our understanding of ethnicity and modern American culture.” His latest project, Democracity, tells of a southern boy in 1939 New York City who befriends a German student agonizing over returning home to face the Nazis and, as a result, finds himself entwined with one of New York's most celebrated and bewildering social circles.  

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