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Track 3: Scholarship Track

Before the second semester of the sophomore year, Honors students select from among 3 tracks for the duration of their Honors Program curriculum.  The Scholarship Track consists of a) Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship or b) Mathematics and Science Scholarship. 

The Humanities and Social Sciences Track builds on the products of human experience and imagination: visual and performing arts, literature, philosophy, foreign languages, religious studies, music, and drama.  Social Sciences are defined as sociology, psychology, history, anthropology, communication studies, political science, business and economics, education, international relations, and similar fields.  Working with a Thesis Director and Thesis Committee, students will write a senior research thesis of graduate or professional quality in the humanities or social sciences.  This might involve trips to special collections, archives, field research within communities, doing interviews, collecting data from an internship, or conducting a survey or other means of going in-depth.

The Mathematics and Science Scholarship Track is designed for students majoring in a discipline within the School of Sciences such as mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics, biology, nursing, or related fields.  Working with a science tutor, students develop professional-level research and analytical skills through a five-semester private tutorial.  The mentor relationship students develop with their faculty Tutor helps in developing the level of expertise necessary to produce a senior research thesis of professional quality.  Students from the Math and Science Track often do further research in graduate or professional school, medical school, or internships following graduation.  They pursue careers in information science, statistics, health sciences and biotech, business and finance, engineering, design, and cryptology.