Human Resources

Salary Planner

What is Salary Planner?

  •  A Banner Web link that enables entry of new fiscal year salaries and evaluation ratings codes
  •  Part of online budget entry process.  Click here for the timeline for the Spring 2014 implementation

 What benefits does it offer?

  •  Easy access to salary budgets by position
  •  Avoids duplication of data entry
  •  Streamlines the process of collecting salary information from academic and administrative departments

 What procedure does Salary Planner replace?

  •  The submission of salaries in Excel via email

 Who may use Salary Planner?

  •  Only designated Organization Salary Planners (OSP’s)
  •  Each VP, Provost, Dean and/or Department Head will indicate the person(s) that will serve as OSP’s for their respective areas
  •  Access is granted by organization code 

 How is Salary Planner accessed?

  •  Through the designated user’s (OSP’s) BIC account

 When will Salary Planner be used?

  •  During budget development process

 What type of data is available to a Salary Planner user (OSP’s)?

  •  Personnel and salary data can be modified in Salary Planner and is available for review during the budget development proces. Click to download an overview of the detailed steps to use for Salary  Planner.
  • Data is available by organization code to authorized OSP's only!
  1.  Within Salary Planner the OSP’s will have access to current salaries, will have the ability to alter salaries by percentages or by amounts, award merit increases to individual employees and will be able to view job details, job labor distribution and add comments for each employee such as the performance evaluation rating.
  2. The OSP will have the ability to download into Excel the details about jobs, details about salaries that have been changed in salary planner, and job labor distribution.  Click here for an example of a download report.