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Office of Human Resources
Director of Organizational Development
Employee Qualitative Research

The Director of Organizational Development plans data collection techniques and content.  This office directs the collection, aggregation, manipulation, and archiving of employee qualitative survey data.  The data are analyzed and reported to the Belmont Community.  Assessment methods range from regularly administered surveys to ad hoc surveys and focus group interviews, as needed. 

2013 Staff Satisfaction Presentation

2013 Staff Satisfaction Survey Executive Summary


The Staff Survey is administered annually to all staff.   The 2013 survey was administered electronically using Qualtrics, Belmont’s online research suite. The same survey was sent in hard copy to each staff member whose work does not include use of a computer, along with a return envelope addressed to the director of organizational development. Upon receipt of the hard copies, the responses were data entered into the Qualtrics program.   The surveys were shredded after data entry.   Confidentiality was a key ingredient in the administration of the survey. The director of organizational development performs analyses and reports the results on the Belmont University website and reports electronically to senior leaders, the office of human resources, and at formal presentations to senior leadership and to staff at a campus-wide staff meeting.  

Survey Construction:   This survey addresses six sections:

  • Organizational Communication (4 statements)
  • Working Together (3 statements)
  • Organizational Support (8 statements) - two statements addressing diversity at Belmont were added in 2013
  • Job Satisfaction (11 statements)
  • Demographic Information (4 optional questions)
  • Work Values (13 values are rated on importance and on how well Belmont provides for each)

Respondents are also provided a section to write in comments and suggestions.

Demographic Description:

How long have you worked at Belmont?

  • 274 total respondents of 528 total staff (52% response rate)
  • 33 - at Belmont less than one year
  • 49 - at Belmont 1-3 years
  • 39 - at Belmont 3-5 years
  • 72 - at Belmont 5-10 years
  • 68 - at Belmont more than 10 years

(13 respondents omitted this demographic response)


  •  84 male
  • 165 female

(25 respondents omitted this demographic response)

Prepared by Dr. Deborah Baruzzini 12/5/13