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Meet our Faculty

Jeffery Ames
Alison Moore, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry
College of Arts & Sciences

Phone: (615) 460-6869


What brought you to Belmont?

I was attracted to Belmont because of its size, attention to undergraduate students, liberal arts focus, and Christian community.  The Chemistry and Physics Department was small but beginning to grow.  What keeps me here…I really appreciate the sense of community that exists in the department and enjoy working with my colleagues. 


What’s it like to live and work in Nashville?

Nashville is a town that has something for everyone.  While it has many of the amenities of a big city, Nashville still feels like a town.  I live in a neighborhood that is close enough to work that I don’t get frustrated by a long commute, but far enough away to give me time to transition mentally from home to Belmont (and back).  Throughout Nashville there are so many different ways to engage in city life that I can’t possibly explain them all.  My favorite part of living in Nashville is going to the local coffee shop and running into someone I haven’t seen in a while…and just taking a few minutes to catch up.


What would you say to someone considering
joining the Belmont faculty?

Life is never dull here at Belmont.  The Belmont community is unique, interesting, and engaging—both faculty and students.  As a career academic, I find the environment both stimulating and creative.  Between athletic events, academic and musical showcases, theater productions, art shows, reading groups, mentoring student organizations, and teaching, you can’t  help but develop a strong relationship with campus life at Belmont.



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