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Meet our Faculty

Jeffery Ames
Mike Pinter, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics
College of Arts & Sciences

Phone: (615) 460-6207


What brought you to Belmont?

I initially knew of Belmont while doing my graduate work at Vanderbilt and from fellow church members who were faculty members at Belmont.  The commitment to teaching and to undergraduate students matched my career interests.  After my wife joined the Belmont faculty, I knew that's where I wanted to be.  Three years later, I was able to obtain a faculty position at Belmont, too.


What’s it like to live and work in Nashville?

Nashville has been a fabulous place to live, work and raise a family.  In some ways, Nashville feels like a mid-size city where people can know each other and families are important.  There are also many "big city" amenities, including museums, performing arts venues, and professional sports teams.  Because of Nashville's role as the state capital and the rich diversity of work opportunities, including many colleges and universities, there's a positive vibe to the city.


What would you say to someone considering
joining the Belmont faculty?

If you are excited about teaching and interested in working with others who have devoted their academic careers to teaching, Belmont would be a good place for you.  Our faculty are committed to student learning and to professional development that strives to keep abreast with current ideas that inform effective teaching.  We care for each other as a community. 



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