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Meet our Staff

James Laster
James Laster

Maintenance Department

Phone: (615) 460-6670


How long have you worked at Belmont University?  What attracted you to your job at Belmont? 

I have been at Belmont for 25 years.  I was looking for a new job and had already been in the electrical business.


What is the campus community like for staff working at Belmont?

 Everyone is more informed about what is going on now.  People have always been very helpful at Belmont.  But now it is more open than it used to be.  When the President will walk up and speak to you, that means a lot. You can feel comfortable giving your own ideas and you feel valued in your work.


What would you say to someone who is considering working at Belmont University?

Belmont is a good place to start out to work and you can get some schooling.  For folks with kids, it is a great benefit for them (the tuition benefit).  Every day is different.  You won’t be bored in your job.



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