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Meet our Staff

Cosonya Stephens
Cosonya Stephens

Budget Analyst
Office of Finance & Accounting

Phone: (615) 460-6753


How long have you worked at Belmont University?  What attracted you to your job at Belmont? 

I have been employed with Belmont for 1 ½ years.  I was attracted to Belmont because of their pursuit of excellence, and devotion to upholding Christian values.  I also felt there would be a greater opportunity for professional growth in my field.


What is the campus community like for staff working at Belmont?

Based upon my experience, the community is extremely accepting.  Each department that I’ve worked with has operated with a “team spirit” mindset.  The University has demonstrated a holistic approach to offering benefits and training that will aid in staff’s personal and professional growth.


What would you say to someone who is considering working at Belmont University?

Belmont University is a wonderful place to work.  Faculty, staff, and students alike are genuinely friendly.  Because of the University’s high standards for excellence, Belmont tends to bring out the best in all members of the campus community.  If you are looking for a place of employment where your talents and abilities are utilized and appreciated, apply to Belmont University!




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