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Conversations That Matter

We Need to Talk…

The Institute for Faith-Based Leadership at Belmont University offers a series of ongoing conversations that tackle topics that church leaders increasingly face. 

These conversations confront issues like LGBT and the local church, the divisiveness of caustic politics and gun violence at the local and national levels. The goal of our Conversations That Matter is to provide a safe context in which these conversations can be shared. Our agenda is not to write policy or argue a position but to gather leaders so we can learn together.

Hosted by Belmont’s own Dr. Jon Roebuck, these conversations are intended to help leaders gain wisdom, perspective and maybe even a little comfort along the way.


> June 15, 2017 Inter-Faith Dialogue Our conversation will feature representatives from 3 major world religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism).  This panel discussion will allow participants to gain perspective from various world religions in regard to the cultural issues that we all face within our congregations.  This dialogue will provide meaningful and intentional conversation that will help to build bridges of relationship.

> September 14, 2017 Nationalism  We often speak of “God & Country” in the same breath as though the two are inextricably linked.  This conversation will explore the topic of nationalism and the ways in which faith and politics are often woven together.  Which comes first… God or country?  Why are so many blurring those lines?  Does God favor an American superiority?

October 12, 2017   Medical Care as a Moral Obligation  This conversation will explore the increasing tensions in our culture over healthcare.  Is it a Human right?  What role should government play?  Is it right to demand that everyone should be covered?  To what extent should the church be involved in championing health care for the poor? 

> November 16, 2017 Hunger One in 6 Tennesseans struggles with hunger-related issues on a daily basis. One in four children in our state go to bed hungry each night.  Tennessee falls above the 15% national average on hunger with a 17.1 food-insecurity rate.  We are the 41st most food-insecure state.  Why is hunger such a problem in our state and what can we do to alleviate the need? 

Upcoming in the Spring of ’18 – Homelessness, Sanctuary Movement, Social Media Addiction

Each conversation will begin around a shared meal in McWhorter Hall, Room 409 at 8 a.m. and will be limited to the first 25 registrants. Your registration fee covers breakfast and all the coffee you can drink. Conversations will begin following breakfast.