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Dr. Paula A. Gill

Dr. Paula A. Gill was appointed on Feb. 8, 2010 to the position of associate vice president of institutional effectiveness. Dr. Gill is responsible for evaluating the university’s progress toward its performance objectives and for seeking ways to improve services and processes that provide value for students. Specifically, she is responsible for the continuous, systematic and collaborative creation of new or significantly improved programs, services, processes and relationships that provide increased service and value for Belmont students and stakeholders.

Dr. Gill has served in numerous positions during her 15 years at Belmont and most recently served as associate dean of enrollment services. She received a Doctor of Education degree and Master of Science degree from the University of Alabama and a Bachelor of Science degree from Belmont University. Dr. Gill is a past president of the National Consortium of Continuous Improvement, an organization whose aim is to advance academic and administrative excellence in higher education by identifying, promoting, supporting and sharing effective organizational practices among the 90 plus member institutions.