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Computer Guidelines

Bringing a computer device to campus?

I Have A Computer 

Belmont provides both wired and wireless services for students.  There are also several computer labs across campus including the library where students have access to write papers or access the Internet. Students can also set up a Papercut account for printing in labs.  We do not support wireless printers or other personal networking equipment such as routers and switches.  Here is a list of things you'll need to know in order to make sure your personal computer will be compatible with our network.  If you plan to use wireless, WIFI is available just about everywhere on campus.      

Link to Computer Discount Programs for Students

Computer Recommendations:

Either a PC or Mac will work on our network as long as it is less then 3 years old and up-to-date with security patches and virus protection.  The new MacBook is a great computer allowing you to run both Mac and Windows programs, but it is up to you.

    • 4 Gb of ram(PC) and a 64bit machine--- recommended 8 Gb ram  
    • Microsoft Office with Word, Excel and Powerpoint (free for Belmont students)
    • A surge protector for your computer 
    • Virus Protection Software such as Norton Anti-Virus
    • Any accessories you desire, such as speakers, a scanner, printer, etc.

Network Usage Policies:

If you have questions or need help with the installation once you arrive on campus, technical assistance will be provided or you can call ext. 6214.

What to bring
  • 1. No modification of network wiring or equipment; no Wireless routers or Wireless PRINTERS
  • 2. Commericial use of Belmont's network is prohibited
  • 3. Use limited to Belmont work or study purposes
  • 4. Student use of network is to conform to the Belmont usage policy as stated in the Student Handbook
  • 5. Personal network equipment are prohibited
  • 6. We do not support wireless printers