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Discount Purchase Programs for faculty, staff and students

All Belmont students, staff and faculty can take advantage of discount programs for purchasing a computer or cellphone plan with AT&T.  Also, if you need

to purchase an academic version of Microsoft Office the bookstore has copies for around $89 each.

Verizon Wireless Discounts for Faculty and staff

If you have a Belmont email address that ends in or you

may be eligible to receive a discount on your current personal Verizon Wireless account or you can open up a new account with Verizon with the Belmont discount.  This plan is only available to current Belmont faculty and staff.  The discount provides up to 18% percent off plans $35 or more and discounts on eligible accessories.    To get the discount your Belmont email address must be the primary email address on your personal Verizon wireless account.   For more information go to your local Verizon Wireless store for assistance.

Sign up for Verizon Discount on my personal home plan

AT&T Discount Cellphone Plans

If you are a student you can go to the AT&T web site and get up to 10% off of a monthly plan

If you are a faculty or staff you can go to the AT&T web site and get up to 15% off of a monthly plan.

Computer Discount Programs

We have online computer stores with Dell and Apple which offers educational pricing that can save you a few bucks. As always compare prices with local dealers such as Costco and CompUSA to get the best pricing.  Please check out the new Dell store at  Below is a link to specific student models from Dell and the link to Apple's College online site.

Belmont DELL Computer Store

Apple Computer Higher Education Site